Thursday, January 8, 2009

DOMA Protests

Thursday 1/8
This will be a tough day for some of you, but just power through, we are almost there. Today is the day you reach out to friends who may not have seen the Protest Poster as your profile picture on your social networking site, because they are a little less connected than you.Email, text, or if necessary even call and actually speak to your friends to invite them out to the event. If they are unable to attend, ask them when would be a good time on Friday evening for you to meet up with them to have them add their signature to the open letter.

Friday 1/9
Tomorrow is a big day, so today is all about making sure everything is in place to make this event as successful as possible.Check your voice mail. Some of those people who only communicate by phone may have some questions for you. Check your email to see if anyone needs to know the location of the event. If they do, send them the Rally Site Map.
Meet up with the people who's signatures you have arranged to get for the open letter.
Change your social networking site status to a 'tease' about how excited you are to be part of the DOMA Protest Rally tomorrow at Wesley Bolin Plaza!

Finalize arrangements with your Ride Share partner(s) if you are participating in Ride Share.

Saturday 1/10TODAY IS THE DAY! Set your alarm so that you don't miss a minute of the fun.Dig out your extra comfy tennis shoes from the back of the closet, and fill up your water bottle. Bring plenty of water. Don't worry, there will be port-a-potties at the plaza.Gather up all of the signature sheets you have had filled out by your friends who are not able to attend.
Text your friends to let them know that you are leaving the house early so that you can be at Wesley Bolin Plaza by 11:30am to help with set up, and you will plan on seeing them there by 1:30 for the start of the event.

Call your Ride Share partner to let them know that you are on your way, and then get in your car in your comfortable shoes with your water and previously filled out signature sheets and make your way to the DOMA Protest Rally!
See, wasn't that easy? You are READY toooooo RALLY!

Thank you to John for the words and flyer.

If YOU would like to be featured on Humans 4 Equality, just send your words, pictures, or videos to

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