Monday, November 17, 2008

How Humans 4 Equality Started

As I move the first few posts over to this new blog, I thought I would take a moment to speak to how and why this blog started. Originally, Sean-Michael was working on a project called Gender DiverCity, a photographic attempt on his part to explore gender ...the way we see it internally, vs how it is perceived externally, and how we express gender in today's society. Hence was born.

After 3 propositions in 3 different states passed banning gay marriage, and one state had an anti-gay adoption prop pass, not to mention the many failed attempts to gain job protections or educational protections for transgender people right here in AZ and all over the US... it became clear that not only does our society still not get that gender should not be a reason not to have equal rights, but homophobia is alive and well and even being preached from the pulpits in some places.

Just because one is in love with someone of the same gender... or just because one is born transgender, does not mean one should not receive medical care, education, or jobs, and just because one is in love with someone of the same gender does not mean one should not be able to visit loved ones in the hospital, or be buried next to one's spouse because it just isn't legally recognized. I know, it sounds so old school doesn't it? and yet veterans with same sex partners go through that now! We want equal rights, not special rights.

And so the blog entry titled All Humans are Created began the Humans 4 Equality thread. began it all, but it has become clear that there needs to be a Humans4Equality blogspot all it's own.

Now it has become clear that today people are needing to talk about gender identity and presentation, but also they are needing to talk about sexuality. Proclaiming your truth about sexual orientation? That's SO 80's! For you who are too young to remember, the chant of the 80's was "We're here, we're queer, get used to it." I know, I know, but it's back. We're here, we're queer, and apparently some people STILL haven't gotten used to it. Only now the common refrain is "A People, United, Can NEVER be divided!"

So stand with us now and send in your picture alone, with friends, with loved ones, or pets... to and then visit and play your own version of where's waldo, watching for yourself and people you know on the blog. Gender DiverCity will continue along with the humans4equality theme, but now there is an easier URL to remember, and to share with your friends: bookmark it, or subscribe to the feed, and pass it along.

And for future rally info in your city, go to and tell a friend, tell 5 friends, tell ALL your friends, just spread the word! If you have seen yourself on the blog, and would like to have your name and any other details added, please send them along with the title of the blog entry to

If you have not seen you picture here but you have sent it in to, or had it taken at a phoenix event by a representative of Humans 4 Equality, keep on watching this blog, because it will show up in a future post!

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