Saturday, November 22, 2008

Humans at the Larame Project

November 22nd hundreds gathered at Glendale Community College's performance arts center to support the college for putting on the Larame Project. GCC decided to perform the Larame Project in honor of the 10 year anniversary of the death of Matthew Shephard. They were told that a church preaching hate of gays would show up to protest the event, the same church whose pastor is represented in the play, the Larame Project. Instead, all you could see outside GCC's Performing Arts Center were hundreds of students, H.E.R.O.s and other supporters. Sometimes standing silently in memory of matthew shephard and the very first angel action which took place at his funeral...sometimes singing Amazing Grace or some other hymnal, these people shared the love. Thank you to the students and faculty of GCC for standing firm and holding their play despite the threat of Fred Phelps attendance. And thank you to those two lovely ladies in the back working lights and sound who so often go unnoticed.

These 2 Humans were working lights and sound at the Larame Project

Transarchist Pride Don't forge the Transgender Day of Remembrance
Check out to find one near you.

We love those H.E.R.O.s!

Milo from 1 Voice, a local JC's LGBT student group

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