Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Just don't do anything to get thrown in jail!

When I speak with people about the inhumane treatment of prisoners, and especially LGBT prisoners, the common response is "Just don't do anything to get thrown in jail." I used to believe this myself, but over time have come to realize that ignores several facts. Here are a few things I never knew before:

It is not unusual when an LGBT person is attacked for them to be arrested. Let me reword that for you: Person A attacks Person B, yet Person B is thrown in jail. Also occasionally known to occur, is that Person A attacks Person B and both Person A and B are thrown in jail.

Not everyone in jail is guilty. This is not only because we are innocent until proven guilty in this country, but also because while they are investigating a crime, people are sometimes placed in jail under SUSPICION and later released. Too few people realize or recognize this.

Although I respect and am grateful for those men and women in blue who are hard working, honest people of integrity, and while there are wonderful law enforcement officers who are open minded, loving, and/or respectful towards people of all genders, the fact is there is transphobia and homophobia running rampant in this country and that does sometimes include police officers.

Thank you Lori for sending in this video which highlights some very important changes needed in the prison system. And one more reason that we need EQUAL RIGHTS and protections under the law for ALL.

Thanks to Mila and Jayna of for the use of their video!

If you would like to stand up for Equal Rights for ALL, send your video, picture, or words to and check back daily to find your input here.

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