Sunday, December 7, 2008

LGBT and Ally Town Hall Meetings

On December 6th there was a town hall meeting held at Arizona State University, for LGBT and Allies in Arizona. When I arrived, there was a panel of various people in Arizona representing a range of organizations working towards equal rights in this state, and in the country.

There were then group breakout sessions on various topics. I wish I could have attended them all. I did however attend a brainstorming session lead by Norma and Mary from the ACLU, on how to engage our allies, and later one on Transgender Inclusion, where we discussed current issues that affect the transgender portion of the community, and how groups can better include the T in community events.

Afterwards people split off into various groups for dinner and discourse, which was followed by quite a few of us meeting up at Cash Inn Country to celebrate a community member's birthday, and to donate canned goods to the Grand Canyon Sisters for The Joshua Tree Feeding Program, where I snapped this picture of Novice Sister Inga and her words about equal rights.

How are you working in your city to reach a time of equal rights for all? Please send in information, pictures, videos, and anything you wish to share about equal rights to and keep an eye out for them here.

Come back tomorrow for more pictures, words and videos .

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