Tuesday, December 16, 2008

St Louis - the need to DO SOMETHING

The St. Louis greater LGBT community and it's straight alliance gathered today to participate in the nationwide protest against HATE. While it was 35 degree's out, it was truly heart warming (yes I was emotional) to see the speakers present a unified voice.

Speakers included St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, leaders of the ACLU, Growing American Youth, the Latino community, Black Pride, The Gateway Sisters of Indulgence, the bear community and the Imperial Court and others. The police estimated 1000 people present. It was an electrifying moment.

During the nationwide moment of silence I was struck by a mixture of strong emotions. Comforted by the knowledge that I stood with 1000 people and an estimated 1 million family members across the USA, yet saddened that we, in the year 2008, still have to struggle for BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.

We as one voice recognized the need to DO SOMETHING and to be satisfied with no less than victory.

Tonight as the Gateway Sisters manifest, those of us who stood today to make a statement feel a renewed calling to stand for what is right, to educate those who are ignorant and above all, return love when faced with hate.

Guard Brian

We thank Guard Brian, of the Gateway Sisters, for sending in his picture and words.

If you'd like to see your pictures, words or video here send them to humans4equality@gmail.com because we want to hear from people all over the world about how they feel about Equal Rights!

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