Sunday, December 21, 2008

Light Up the Night

All around the country last night, people held a vigil for the rights that have been taken away from Californians, and denied to so many others.

We held just such a vigil (sponsered by HERO and Marriage Equality AZ) on the Tempe Town Lake Bridge.

At this time when so many are celebrating love and light, we felt a need to hold that space of love and light through song and candles, yet also acknowledge the pain. Sister Mischif of the Grand Canyon Sisters brought us the "Veil of Pain" and "Veil of Hope" in an effort to "release the pain and build hope for our community, and our world"

Please send in your stories from Light up the Night in your area! Any words, pictures or videos you would like to share advocating for equal rights would be most appreciated! Just send them to and look back here daily to find the words of yourself and those you love.

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